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The 59th verse of the sura “The Family of Imran” points to a similarity between Adam and Jesus. There is no other comparison like that between any other two prophets in the Quran. How many times are these prophets’ names used in the Quran? In equal number, exactly 25 times each. The verse that points to the similarity between Jesus and Adam is given below:

59- For God, the likeness of Jesus is as that of Adam,
whom He created out of dust, then said to him, “Be,” and he was.


The word Number of occurrences
Adam 25
Jesus 25

Some people declare Jesus is the incarnation of God, as he was created without a father. This is in total disregard of the omnipotence of God. God gives Adam as an example, and by doing so, God shows how illogical it is to attribute divine qualities to Jesus. God, while referring to the similarity between Adam and Jesus, also supports this statement with a numerical symmetry, using both names 25 times each in the Quran.

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