14- Then We developed the drop into a hanging, then developed the hanging into a chewed lump of flesh…
(23- The Believers, 14)


The Quran continues displaying its miracles in its description of “alaq” succeeded by the “mudga” (chewed lump of flesh) stage. As a matter of fact, the embryo in the womb has the appearance of a chewed lump of flesh, a tiny piece of flesh. Sura 22 “The Pilgrimage”, verse 5, speaks “of chewed lump of flesh, partly formed and partly unformed,” which is a good description of the aspect of the fetus. The aspect presented to our sight is of an indented figure whose head, feet and internal organs have begun to develop (partly formed, partly unformed).

Prof. Keith L. Moore says that he had a model made in plastic in the shape of an embryo and bit on it, leaving the marks of his teeth; this seemed to be an exact reproduction of an embryo, and explained the indentation referred to in the Quran.


A single cell undergoes many stages in forming the various organs and tissues of the body. A chewed lump of flesh at one stage, it is transformed into organs, muscles, skeleton, brain, eyes and ears, until in time man finally emerges. To review all the stages of this development renders our awe still greater at the presence of God’s artistry.

There is a time when the lump turns into a heart, a heart that beats 100,000 times a day without our being aware of it and without any conscious contribution on our part. Blood that comes to the heart and leaves it does not get mixed together. Blood is distributed in the body in perfect proportions. The ventricles and atriums of the heart are wonders of creation. The organized movement of blood within the arteries and veins presents matchless complexity and would take pages to describe.

The day comes when this “chewed lump of flesh” is transformed into a liver, the organ that assumes more than 400 functions. This tiny lump becomes muscles to help us in our numerous movements like eating, running, walking, sitting and laughing. The muscles function within the framework of an extremely complex net of coordination. Merely smiling requires the coordinated functioning of 17 muscles. Our brains, hands, feet, intestines, kidneys, respiratory systems and the blood circulating in our veins and arteries owe their origins to this tiny lump of flesh, once a drop of liquid. The story of our creation would take up a whole encyclopedia. The Quran invites us to study these phenomena and meditate upon them. The prayer and ritual enjoined to man in the Quran have been a topic of long discussions. The verses that refer to ratiocination and meditation, which, although superior in number to those of the rituals, have received less attention.

6- O human beings! What has seduced you from your Lord,
Most Beneficent?
(82- The Shattering, 6)

7- The One who created you, designed you in due proportion,
and disposed you aright.
(82- The Shattering, 7)

8- In whatever design He chose, He constructed you.
(82- The Shattering, 8 )

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    I am surprised those who are not selfish and always think for other man benefit should not know himself first with true creator without attributing any partners?question to the man who have intelligents.thnks

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