We saw that the singular “day” (yewm) is mentioned 365 times, and the plural of it, 30 times in the Quran. All of the derivatives of the word “day” are used 475 times. This means that the singular, plural and all the other derivatives add up to 475. 475 is equal to 19×25. (After we study this mathematical miracle in this section, we will also examine it in the “miracle of 19” section and show more clearly what the number 19 indicates.) Like the multiplier 19, the number 25 also has a significant meaning. The earth revolves around its own axis 365 times while completing its cycle around the sun, and during this time the sun also revolves around itself. As the earth revolves around itself 365 times, how many times must the sun itself have revolved? 25 times exactly. The sun rotates with a period of about 25 days at its equator.


The word Number of occurrences
All the derivatives of the word “day” 475 (19×25)
How many times does the sun revolve around itself within a year? 25

We saw earlier that the word “day” in the Quran, with its singular, plural and derivatives, constitutes a marvelous pattern. Apart from this, the phrases of the same word also produce mathematical miracles as well. For example, we see this miracle in phrases like “that day” used in connection with the end of the world (yewme izin) and “the day of resurrection” (yewmul qiyameh). Both phrases are used 70 times, out of the 475 occurrences of all the derivatives of the word “day.” Here are two example verses for these words:

8- Many faces will be joyous on that day.
88-Overwhelming, 8

67- …the whole earth is within His fist on the day of resurrection.
39-The Throngs, 67


The word Number of occurrences
That day 70
The day of resurrection 70

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