28- So that He may know that they have delivered their Lord’s messages. He is fully aware of what they have. And the numbers of all things
He has counted.
72-The Jinn, 28

The last word of this verse “AdadaThe Jinn”. Because this verse is the last verse of the sura, this statement expressing that everything is counted and everything depends on numbers is very important with respect to the miracle of 19. Moreover, this statement displays some of the particulars related to 19:

1. All the forms of “Adda” (number) are used 57 (19×3) times in the Quran. One of these forms is in the statement “their number…” which is in the 31st verse of the sura “The Hidden.” And this displays the relation between the miracle of 19 and the word “adada.”

2. The above mentioned verse is the 28th verse of the sura “The Jinn”.
The total of the figures forming 72 and 28 is 19 (7+2+2+8=19).

3. The word “adada” is the 285th (19×5) word of the sura “The Jinn”. And moreover, since this word is the last word of this sura, the total words of this sura is 285 (19×5) as well.

4. In this sura, “1” as a number is repeated 6 times.
The total of the number of these verses is 2+7+18+20+22+26=95 (19×5).

5. The word “adda” is used in two verses in this sura: the 24th<7sup> and 28th verses.
The total letters used in these verses is 95 (19×5).

6. We have seen that the word “adada” is the last word of the last verse of the sura “The Jinn”.
The total number of the letters of the last words belonging to each verse in the sura “The Jinn” is 114 (19×6).

7. The 28 verses of the sura “The Jinn” end with 28 words, yet some of these words are repeated. If we count these words excluding the repeated ones, the verses end with 19 words.

8. These words at the end of the sentences consist of 19 different letters (the Arabic alphabet has 28 letters).

9. The word “adada” is written with the letters “ayn+dal+dal+alif.” If we add up the repetitions of these letters in the sura “The Jinn”, we have 37+54+54+216 and the total of these numbers is 361 (19×19).

10. There are 285 (19×15) numbers used in the Quran with all the repetitions. The sura “The Jinn” is the only sura that has 285 words in it and it ends up with the word “adda” (number).

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