You have read about the miracles of the Quran in this book. Now there are several options before us. We can sum up our ideas about these options as follows:

1- You can deny that the Quran is God’s miraculous book: If you choose this option, your life in Hereafter will be in peril. The Quran, that shows all these signs, is at the same time a hope for mankind. The Quran tells us over and over again that we will not vanish after we die, and that the Creator who created us will recreate us. Disbelieving and rejecting the message of the Quran, its prophecies and miracles is the result of a stubbornness that will only injure the disbeliever.

2- You can witness God’s miracle and you can accept that the Quran is God’s word, but you continue to not give the necessary importance to God and religion and you do not apply the Quran’s message to your life even though you believe in it: This means you have not profited enough from the Quran and from its miracles. Do not forget that these signs approve the Quran’s message. The Quran tells us that the existence of God is more important than anything else, and that even though this world will end one day, life in the other world will last forever. You should consider the importance of God’s existence, the other world, the shortness of this world’s life, death, and the fact that all our organs and our body are given to us by God. You should also consider that the miracles of the Quran are the signs that prove the Quran’s message.

3- You can see God’s miracle and you can accept that the Quran is God’s word. You will try to remember God and live as He has ordered. But as time passes, you can get used to the Quran’s miracles and the impact of those miracles may sink into oblivion. Then God may not be in your mind as often as He had been and you may start adopting an attitude and lifestyle in contradiction to God’s law: Therefore our advice to you is to read the Quran frequently. You should go over the Quran’s miracles and remember that even though time passes, the Quran and its miracles will not lose any of their value.

4- You can accept that the Quran is God’s word and His miracle and you can intend to live as the Quran orders: This is what the Quran wants.

Our intention in writing this book was to make a contribution, although on a humble scale. To turn to the Creator every second for a lifetime… We must not forget the blessing and generosity of our Creator. We must always appreciate having faith based on knowledge and being blessed by eternal hope. We must always feel the gratitude of being created out of nothing.

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