We have seen that the mathematical code in the Quran is not a mere embellishment. The Quran draws our attention to 19, saying that, “This is one of the greatest.” (74:35). And we have seen again that the mathematical code in the Quran is a system that actually protects the Quran and corrects man’s mistakes. This system presents the wisdom that has been a subject of wonder for 1400 years. We have examined the data about the miracle of 19 and other mathematical data in the Quran throughout the book. We shall give ten examples of what we have gained from the mathematical miracle of the Quran:

1. The claim of the 23rd and 24th verses of the sura “The Cow” that people will not be able to imitate even one sura of the Quran is confirmed rationally and objectively by the mathematical miracle of the Quran. It is now understood that all the suras, and even the verses of the Quran, are like the pieces of a big puzzle. If you destroy even one piece, you destroy the entire mathematical system in the Quran. The existence of this mathematical system in the Quran depends on every one of these parts, so one sura of the Quran represents the whole system. The Creator of the whole system is the Creator of each sura. Even one sura has all the power of the system. What a fascinating system it is!

2. Once the code 19 was understood, the reason why the 30th and 31st verses of the sura “The Hidden” drew attention to 19 became clearer: it is a figure that has been changing wrong beliefs and has been instrumental in dispelling traces of doubt in the hearts of monotheists.

3. The meaning of the verse; “Surely, We have sent down a Reminder, We, and We are protecting it” (15:9) is understood better when it was proven that God protects the Quran with a mathematical code. For example, the code 19 proved that the word “bastatan” in the Quran was not written with the letter “Sad,” but with the letter “Seen.” This shows that the code 19 is an active protector. God states in the verses that He protects the Quran Personally. It is clear that the code that the Quran calls attention to and that God placed in the Quran, protects the Quran. The mathematical miracle has helped us to understand this fact.

4. The code 19 has shown why the Quran consisted of 114 suras and it has also proved that the number of verses and the order of the suras in the Quran were arranged by heavenly means.

5. It is now understood why the Basmalah is in the form of “Bismillahirrahmanirraheem” and why it is not in the form of “Bismihuazizulkarim” or “Bismihusubhanehu.” It shows why the Basmalah does not consist of other names of God. The group of words most frequently repeated in the world is coded by 19 and is miraculous.

6. The miracle of 19 explains why the Basmalah was not at the beginning of the sura “Repentance,” which is the 9th sura of the Quran, although it is at the beginning of all the other suras. (Please remember the missing Basmalah is in the sura “The Ant,” which is the 19th sura from the 9th sura).

7. The code 19 has given the reason why some numbers in the Quran were mentioned in a different way. For instance, the number 309 in the 18th sura is described as 300 and 9. The wisdom of these unique expressions of numbers has been understood thanks to the code 19 (If the number 309 had been stated directly, then the total of the numbers in the Quran would not be a multiple of 19).

8. The reason why some suras in the Quran started with initial letters was a cause for wonder for 1400 years. Before the code 19 in the Quran was discovered, there was groundless speculation. This secret, which had remained hidden for 1400 years, was revealed thanks to 19, which is described as “one of the greatest” in the Quran.

9. The probability calculations emphasize that it is impossible for man to have created this miracle, that is not a matter of coincidence. This shows why the person who said, “This is nothing but the word of a human,” (74-The Hidden, 25) was answered by the code 19. Moreover, code 19 gives visual presentations, we can see these presentations in the tables, all data indicated and verified, so that the following verse is understood better: “It is tablets for people.” (74-The Hidden, 29).

10. Besides the Quran’s literary appeal, which can only be understood with a good knowledge of Arabic, the mathematical miracle uses the universal language of mathematics. For the universal Book a universal miracle! God, who wrote the universe in the language of mathematics, also wrote the Book He sent down for guidance in the language of mathematics, and the data we produced about the mathematical code in the Quran proves this miracle.

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