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From the Quran we learn that the horn will be blown twice (39-The Throngs, 68). The first of the blows announces the beginning of the end of the universe and the second blow announces the begging of the resurrection of the people. The word “horn” is used 10 times in the Quran. The words “blow” and “horn” are used 7 times in the same verse, even this is enough to draw the relationship between these words. (20-Ta Ha 102, 27-The Ant 87, 36-Ya-Seen 51, 39-The Throngs 68, 50-Qaf 20, 69-Incontestable 13, 78-The Event 18) The word “blow” is used twice as many times of the word “horn”; 20 times. This reinforces the semantical and lexical relationship. Below is a verse where these words are used together:

68- The horn will be blown, whereupon everyone in the heavens and the
earth will be struck unconscious, except those who will be spared by God.
Then it will be blown another time,
whereupon they will all rise up, looking.
39-The Throngs, 68


The word Number of occurrences
To blow 20 (10×2)
Horn 10

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