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To say that the Quran is God’s word is a big assertion. We can even show two alternatives for those who deny that the Quran is the word God:

1. Either the Quran is the greatest truth (What can be more important than the words of the Creator of all things?)

2. Or the Quran is the greatest lie. (What can be a bigger lie than saying that it is from God?) There is no bigger deception than attributing it to Him, since there cannot be a greater entity than He.

No one can say that the Quran is an ordinary book. Even disbelievers do not accept this. And all the signs we have seen throughout this book take place in the Book (the Quran), which has the greatest claim and is the most extraordinary book. All the signs throughout the book demonstrate that the Quran’s claim is true; this book with its ultimate claim is an unchallengeable miracle. A “lie” does not and cannot suit a book that is 100% correct on subjects so different from each other. After all the things we have learned in this book, let us answer the questions we ask. (Some of the answers we gave for the Quran are also acceptable for the other books God sent through the other prophets.)

– Is there another book that places God in the center of life and gives Him the value He deserves?
– No.
– Is there another book on earth with a greater claim than this?
– No.
– Is there another book on earth that explains events that could not be known 1400 years ago, all of its information true, from the depths of space to beneath the seas, from development in our mother’s wombs to the end of the universe?
– No
– Is there any other serious book that gives meaning to life, says there is an afterlife and gives mankind the hope it needs?
– No
– Is there another book that, while achieving all these, also has a mathematical code system and maintains the wholeness in its meaning and code?
– No
– Is there another book that confirms all the prophets throughout history, Noah, Moses and Jesus… the prophets who brought a common message? A book that approves of all the prophets and their books, since it is the last book?
– No
– Is there really another reliable book that we can choose as a guide for ourselves?
– No
– Does the Quran have an alternative?
– No
– Do the disbelievers have any excuse?
– No

All the data show that the book that has the ultimate claim is also the ultimate and unchallengeable miracle. The miracles of the Quran never end; a new miracle is revealed every day:

88- Say, “If all the humans and the jinns came together in order to produce a Quran like this, they would surely fail, no matter
how much assistance they lent one another.”
17-The Children of Israel, 88

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