“God” is the most frequently used word in the Quran. The word “God” and all its derivatives are used a total of 2698 (19×142) times in the Quran. Today, it is possible to check this number with the help of a computer and with careful calculations. Some people claim that the miracle of 19 related to Basmalah came into existence by chance, but the probability calculations debunk the assertions of these people.

A total of 42 of the first verses of all the suras in the Quran contain the word “God.” If we write down the numbers 1 (for the first verse) and 42 (for the repetitions) consequently, we find the number 142 which is the coefficient of the word “God” in the Quran. It can be seen that even the coefficient of the word “God” is guaranteed and coded in the Quran.

We will witness the importance of the suras starting with initial letters for the code 19 in the next chapters. As you know, some of the suras in the Quran begin with “Alif-Lam-Meem” or “Qaf” or with some other initial letters. The first of these initial letters is in the 1st verse of the second sura “The Cow” and it is “Alif-Lam-Meem.” The last of these initial letters is “Noon” in the first verse of the 68th sura “The Pen.” Between this first and the last initial letter, the word “God” is used 2641 (19×139) times. And in the rest of the Quran the word “God” is used 57 (19×3) times.

From the first initial lettered verse (2-The Cow, 1) till the last one (68-The Pen, 1), the number of times the word “God” is used:


Meanwhile, there is one more point we want to emphasize although it is not as interesting as the previous ones: the word “God” is used 133 (19×7) times in the verses that have verse numbers that are multiples of 19.

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