The simple form of the word “name” is used 19 times in the Quran. This simple form consists of the letters Alif, Seen, and Meem. This characteristic of the word “name” shows that for mathematical use, the written forms should be taken into consideration.

When the word “name” is combined with the letter “Ba,” as in Basmalah, the letter “Alif” disappears and it is written as “Ba-Seen-Meem.” In the numbered verses, this use can be seen 3 times. (These numbered verses are 1:1; 11:41; 27:30.) The sura “The Hanging,” which is the 96th sura, has an exceptional place. The word “Bism” in its first numbered verse, with its form “Ba-Alif-Seen-Meem,” is used differently from the rest of the spellings of “Ba-Seen-Meem” throughout the Quran. Here, the word “in the name” is written “Ba-Alif-Seen-Meem,” and this word is counted together with the frequency of other “name”s. This proves that the word “Bsm” written with three letters, “Ba-Seen-Meem,” without the letter “Alif,” throughout the Quran is intentionally written differently as “Ba-Alif-Seen-Meem” with the letter “Alif” in the first verse of the sura the “The Hanging,” and this shows the wisdom of God. Thus, the code 19 teaches us the wisdom of this exceptional position in the sura the “The Hanging” that was not deciphered for 1400 years. We should also draw attention to the fact that according to general belief, the sura “The Hanging” is the first sura to have been revealed and this verse is the first verse of that sura.

Since there are only two occurrences of “Basmalah” in the numbered verses in the Quran, two of the three occurrences of the form of “Bsm” without “Alif” are in these numbered Basmalahs that are Bismillahirrahmanirraheem (1:1; 27:30). The other “Bsm” without “Alif” is found in the phrase “BISMILLAH” (11: 41).

If we divide the Quran into two parts according to these two numbered Basmalahs (1:1; 27:30), the total number of the words “Name+God+Gracious+Merciful” in each of these parts is the multiple of 19.

The number of words from the first
to the 2nd one
Name God Gracious Merciful Total
9         + 1814 + 35       +
80 = 1938 (19×102)


The total of the words from the 2nd
Bismillahirrahmanirraheem till the end of the Quran
Name God Gracious Merciful Total
10         + 884      +
22        + 34
950 (19×50)

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