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The Basmalah is the word group that is repeated most frequently in the world and it has a special place in the Quran. The number of letters and the number of repetitions of the Basmalah are again related to the code 19. Basmalah consists of 4 words. These words are 1) Name 2) God 3) Gracious 4) Merciful respectively. Please, be ready to witness now an important miracle. How many times are these 4 words repeated in the Quran?

Did God not say that He would dispel all suspicions and strengthen the faith of believers? Do we not see that 19 is a reply to disbelievers in the sura “The Hidden?” We hope that you have started to comprehend the greatness of the number 19 that God calls attention to in the 35th verse of the sura “The Hidden:” “This is one of the greatest.”

In addition to this, you will witness many significant mathematical phenomena in the coming chapters. Let us point out some aspects of the use of these four words in the Quran.

The word Number of occurrences
Name 19 (19×1)


2698 (19×142)
57 (19×3)
114 (19×6)

The total of the coefficients of these words 

1 + 142 + 3 + 6 = 152 (19×8)







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