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In the Quran, it is our Prophet’s mission to warn and to frigthen. Men are warned and frightened that they may face undesirable situations in the life in the Hereafter if they do not follow the teachings of the Quran and they will be profitable if they do follow. These two related words; “to warn” (nezer) and “to frighten” (havf) are used equally in the Quran, 124 times each. Below you will see list of the verses where these words are used.

The word Number of occurrences
To warn 124
To frighten 124


Warn List
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Frighten List
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    • Umm Sulaym

      No,we say as this is correct as in forming a sentence properly.

      ALLAH is Great .

      What u said ,is seeming wrong brother,i am sorry to say this and it sounds shirk-astaghfir Ullah.But ,you may not be well versed in english ,so may ALLAH,forgive you.Ameen

      Ramadan Kareem.

      May ALLAH,guide you and enter you into His mercy..


  1. From Malaysia

    I pray to ALLAH may the creator of this website & all the visitor always in ALLAH blessing & guidance. Thank you to webmaster for making great job to tell world the greatness of Al Quran. Many people has been misguided and separate religion and reality, but ALLAH always THE MOST MERCYFUL.

  2. Lamin Drammeh

    I would only worship God without associated with any animas or inamimate thing but would continue to follow our holy prophet Muhammed Rasoula.I also continue to keep up my five daily prayers and to campaign to get those who did not really believe in Islam.
    May the almight God help all living on earth and prevent us doing bad things that could lead us to hell fire ,subhanala walihamudulila lai ela ha ela la muhamadu rasulaa.
    I am from the Gambia West Africa

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