Thursday 05 March 2015


prophet & info

What the prophets do is to transfer what they recieve (information/news) from God to men. The word “nebi” is used for the word “prophet” in the Quran and it has been derieved from the word “nebe” which means “information/news”. These two words “prophet”  (nebi) and  “information” (nebe) are used 80 times each in the Quran. The verses below contain examples for these words:

89- These were the men to whom We gave the Book, and authority, and prophethood.  (6:89)
23- then to Us is your ultimate return, then We inform you of everything you had done.  (10:23)

The word Number of occurrence
Prophet 80
Information 80



  1. Najibullah says:

    Greatness is 4 allah

  2. musab says:

    maashallah what a greatness of allah


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