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In the Quran, it is said that the Prophet Noah and the believers were saved with a “ship” and that the non-believers were drowned. The ship has become a safe haven for the believers and drowning was the consequence the non-believers had to face. These related words “ship” (fulk) and “to drown” (gark) are used equally in the Quran, 23 times each. We can see the connection between these words in the verses: 7-The Purgatory 64, 10-Jonah 73, 11-Hud 37, 23-The Believers 27. One of the verses is as follow:

64- They rejected him. Consequently, we saved him and those with him in the ship, and we drowned those who rejected our revelations, they were blind.
7-The Purgatory, 64

The word Number of occurrences
Ship 23
To drown 23


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