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We all know the relation between the “sun” and the “shadow.” The Quran also draws attention to this relation. All the derivatives of these related words, “sun” (shems) and “shadow-darkness” (zalle), are used equally in the Quran, 33 times each. The verse that shows the relation between the “sun” and the “shadow” is given below:

45- Have you not seen how your Lord designed the shadow?
If He willed, He could have made it fixed, then we would
have designed the sun accordingly.

The Quran talks about two directions that are determined according the direction of the sunrise; these are the “east” and the “west.” The word “east-to rise” (shark) with all its derivatives is used 17 times and the word “west-to sink” (garp) with all its derivatives is used 16 times and the total of those is 33. This is the same number of the occurrence of the word “sun” in the Quran which is the source of those two directions.

The sun is the most important source of the light that reaches our planet. Even the light that reaches earth from the moon is the reflection of the light from the sun. The sun is the source of both light and heat. The relationship between the “sun” and “a light” (nur) is clear and both of these words are used 33 times each in the Quran (The word “light” is used 33 times in its plain form).

As a result we see that the word “sun” is used 33 times in the Quran just like the word “shadow” with which it has direct relationship, like the total of words “east” and “west” to which it causes to occur and like the word “a light” which is one of its main features.

The word Number of Occurrences
Sun 33
Shadow 33
East and West 16+17=33
A light 33

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