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There are numbers other than 19 in the Quran, but most of them are used as adjectives (four months, seven skies, a thousand months, etc.). However, in verse 30 of the sura “The Hidden,” the number 19 is emphasized by the statement “Over it is Nineteen” and in the 31st verse, where the function and purpose of the number 19 is prophetically explained, the numerical aspect of the number 19 is again emphasized by the statement, “We assigned their numbers…”. For the number 19, the verse lists the following functions:

1. Believers may increase faith

2. Convincing the people of the Book (Jews, Christians)

3. Removal of all suspicions in the minds of believers and the people of the Book

4. It creates a situation in which disbelievers and people sick at heart ask, “What did God mean by this?” or “What is the use of it?”

These kinds of questions are not questions asked with honest intentions to learn the meaning of a Quranic assertion. It is just an approach taken by disbelievers in order to criticize religion and the believers. In other words, this is a rhetorical question that exposes their dogmatic prejudice and lack of understanding of the Quranic allegories. With this rhetorical question, they want to say that the Quranic assertion about the number 19 being an answer for skeptics regarding its authenticity does not make sense.

As you can see, 19 is an answer to the assertion that the Quran is the word of a man. A number as an answer… This dispels all suspicions! Just think how incredible it was for people to believe in the miracle of 19 prior to the discovery of this miracle. It took 1400 years to reveal this miracle, and when the time came, the miracle 19 in the sura “The Hidden” became manifest. Following this manifestation, the functions of 19 described as “one of the greatest” in the 35th verse of the sura “The Hidden,” came into light. This miracle clears away the doubts of the believers and the people of the Book.

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