Some people may have wondered why the Basmalah consists of the words “Bismi-llah-irrahman-irraheem” and they may have wondered why Basmalah is not like “Bismi-llah-alaziz-alhakim” or “Bismi-rabgafurin-karim” or “Bismi-ssami.” God has more than 100 names in the Quran. Why then are only the “God-Gracious-Merciful” names used in Basmalah? God’s special place between these names is evident but why are other words not preferred? Why did the Basmalah not consist of other two names or five names of God? Why did Basmalah consist merely of these three names? What is the wisdom of God?

The findings about 19 help us witness the wisdom of God. The three names of God that form the Basmalah are repeated as multiples of 19. The other name “Witness” (Shahid) is not used in the Basmalah and is repeated exactly as many as times as the word “name” (ism). This enhances the miracle because it replaces the name “ism” in the table which gives the names of God. As we have seen before, the total number of repetitions of the names, “God” (Allah), “Gracious” (Rahman) and “Merciful” (Raheem) are used as multiples of 19. As the coefficient of “ism” in the Basmalah, whose coefficient is 1, is replaced with the word “Witness” (Shahid), with a coefficient of 1 again, as in the table of the names of God, the total of the coefficients of that table remains the same, 152 (19×8), since these two words have the same coefficients. By this means, both the coefficient of the Basmalah and the coefficient of the total of the table of God’s names, each of which is formed of 4 words, are the same; that is, they are multiples of 19.

We have seen that all the suras except the sura “Repentance” have a Basmalah at the beginning, and that the missing Basmalah is found 19 suras later. This special condition adds many new characteristics to the miracle of the Quran. If all the suras had Basmalah at the beginning, then having 114 Basmalahs would be quite normal because of the symmetric structure, and consequently we would not pay any attention to the number of Basmalahs. The same is true for the table of God’s names. To have 3 common and 1 different value upsets the symmetry, but on the other hand, the miracle of the concordance between two different subjects like the names of God and the Basmalah enhances the value of the miracle.

In this way the code of 19 explains the wisdom behind why the Basmalah, the most oft-repeated phrase in the world, is formed as it is.

We believe that there is much to be said about this subject. But it is important that the first rational explanation of why the Basmalah is formed like this is made with the help of code 19.

The most repeated group of words in the world is God’s revelation and it is coded with 19. Some people may think that God chose Basmalah just because it is coded with 19. Others may think that just because God chose those words, Basmalah is coded with 19. We believe that both these explanations should be considered as arrangements of the Eternal Might.

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